Digital sketches for big paintings. This series of works looks into the concept of relationships. How do things relate to other things? Ideas, words, touch, objects in space, earthly and heavenly bodies, all layers of being making direct contact not only in 3 dimensional space but in an immediate invisible dimension(s) which is primary to our existence. Is there really any space between us? I find the process of working with layers on a 2 dimensional surface the perfect metaphor for the intimacy and immediacy of human relationships. We are smacked right up against each other… Our thoughts, words, and actions touch and affect us and others directly. How do we consider all that is around us? How does nature consider the objects in its space vs. how man does? My observation of nature is that every aspect is given its own space in the correct proportion and right relationship to its environment. I try to be in that space of extra consideration when creating art. There is the presence of a discerning parental guidance, alongside a joyful spontaneous child-like play. Through the combination of these two energies my work emerges. Creating beauty and prosperity is the desired outcome.