Deep Space Murmuration,

Acrylic & Latex.

Produced by The Schneider Museum of Art and Gambrel Gallery. Ashland OR

Featured in The Schneider Museum’s  group show Art Beyond 2023, an outdoor art adventure focusing on sculptural and installation based artworks.

The black & grey-scale background is composed of broken geological shapes which entered into my visual vocabulary from a studio accident. I had some old plastic shelves that broke one day, sending my paint crashing to the floor.  Upset, I decided to smash them to bits. I noticed the interesting shapes of the pieces, and began arranging them into compositions, which I then photographed and turned into digital graphics to use as layers in my painting works.
The colored murmurations in the foreground are derived from my ongoing photographing of water ripples and love of the living patterns reflected on the surface of water in different settings. Lakes, ponds, rivers, calm, windy, sunny, cloudy. The subject provides infinite visual interest.
I have a history of creating work with an unlimited color palette, but lately I have been interested in creating works with more focused, limited color palettes which create specific moods and  high visual impact.