Elephant Portrait section of: New experimental mural commission, in collaboration with my friends at Microdose VR. I gathered screenshots of Microdose VR renderings and began cutting and collaging my favorite bits & pieces into a background space. I added my own designs and forms and figures and re-drew and re-mixed  and refined the design for about a month before feeling it was ready to be painted large scale. The painting phase took 2 months, as it is really 3-4 separate mural movements linked seamlessly together.

I also created a new set of 23 vectorized pattern designs which I had cut into large scale stencils, ranging from 3′ to 6′. I am obsessed with stencil and masking process and love the insane detail it allows me. I used a lot of vinyl masking in such areas as the butterfly wings and the elephant ears, which are up to 3 layers of masked designs.